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Whittier Wildlife Control, Animal Trapping & Removal

562-372-4147 We run a professional wildlife removal business operating in Whittier, California. We service the whole Los Angeles metropolitan area, and do much of our work in Whittier. We are a full-service Whittier animal trapping and removal company. We specialize in wildlife only, and are not like a regular Whittier pest control company or Whittier exterminator. We use humane methods to solve wild animal problems in California. We solve the root of the problem, by performing home repairs to keep animals out, and preventative measures in addition to critter trapping and removal. We offer a variety of services, from animal damage repair to waste cleanup, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We handle several nuisance wildlife species, including squirrels, raccoons, snakes, skunks, and opossums. We also perform bat removal and bird control services, and rodent control, including poison-free mouse and rat removal. Give us a call any time at 562-372-4147 to discuss your Whittier animal control issue, and to schedule a fast appointment.

Whittier wildlife control tip of the month:

Hello David, I've been reading your articles about the work you do, boy how i wish you were alot closer, I live in a 2 store home, i have a big problem with rats, at first I thought Whittier animal control they were mice, I'm still freaked out, but I saw one and they are huge, omg! the size of a squirrel and it seems to be getting worse, my husband and I are in battle with this critters, I got solar installed in my house Whittier animal control and at that time I thought it was cause if that, then some people say the whole town has gotten infested, o to some developement around the area... I've lived here all my life and never had I seen such big rats in a home. Well now Whittier pest control they are in my attic, scary, noisy, embarrassing, and distructive, a few light fixture twitch when on, so annoying! Do u by any chance know of anyone that does your job here in California? I live in Whittier, 30 miles Whittier wildlife removal north of bakersfield? Please say you do! Maria

Hello David, I found you online. I guess you probably know that. Can you suggest other rat control companies if this rat company does not work out financially or otherwise? Also, does Whittier animal trapping this company provide clean-up services as well? I do wish to thank you for your information. I believe I have a serious problem that has been a long time situation. I am uneducated about it. In the past two months I have trapped Whittier animal trapping a huge rat and a smaller one. Tonight, I heard one in my drain and noticed some lighting problem with my solar light. When I checked it out I found a large rat scurry by. And I have been dealing with many nights of horror as the Whittier exterminator rats are in my walls. My defense has been to rap a heavy plastic hanger to scare them away. Eventually it works. BTW, you have stated nothing about rats using drain pipes to reach the roof. I have many instances when this has Whittier exterminator been the situation. Now, I trap them in there with a brick at the top and one at the bottom Thank You for your insight and referral.

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