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  • Los Angeles Educational Article of the Month - What equipment is needed to exclude a bat?

What equipment is needed to exclude a bat?

What equipment is needed to exclude a bat?

There are many types of bats and they are counted to be over 14 different species. However, not all types like to live in the attics only the little browns and the big browns can do that. It is possible that you will find the colonies which can reach to hundreds in your home. Large buildings like church may have the colonies that can reach to thousands. Always keep in mind that the California bats are important and they are the only pests that can control night-flying insects.

The methods that are used to remove the bats are not the same as the methods that are used for other animals like groundhogs or raccoons. Instead of having to use the traps, the bats have to be excluded. The bats are protected so you should not try to use poisons or chemicals. The traps should not be used since it is easy for the bats to die if the traps had been used. The bats that have been moved up to 150miles may return in the same place so there is nothing that you will get from trapping and moving the bats. The best method that can lead to the results can be bat exclusion and the bat proofing. When the bats will still come back to their roosting place, the best thing to do is just to evict them so that they do not come into the Los Angeles house. They are going to look for a new roosting place.

The bat exclusion will require different steps. The first step that it is required is to observe the structure for some time especially on the sunset and locate the exit or entrance holes. This is going to be done on fairly and clear night since the windy or rainy condition may not be favorable to the California bats to locate the insects that are flying around.

After checking the gaps, holes or gaps, they have to be closed. They should be some holes left so that the Los Angeles bats can be allowed to leave using one way device. When the bats are out, the devices will be removed so that the access holes may be sealed and repaired. The costs of the California bat exclusion can be hard to say. The exclusion may depend on many things like the materials used for the repairs, the labor time, the equipment required and the size. The cost for the bat proofing varies greatly and this depends on combination of different factors. There are some structures that may require high-lift and other equipments in order to do the bat proofing and the Los Angeles bat exclusion. In many cases, the primary exit and entrance holes are the only access points that a person may need to seal and the problem will be over. But it may take over a week.

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