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  • Los Angeles Educational Article of the Month - What is raccoon eviction fluid?

What is raccoon eviction fluid?

What is raccoon eviction fluid?

The Raccoon Eviction fluid is the natural by-product of the male California raccoon which is a predator to the female raccoons in the birthing period. When it is put in the den area, the female will fear that there is danger to its children.

The raccoon only works when the female Los Angeles raccoon is found in the attic with the small children and this means that it cannot work any time of the day. For some people who do not have the experience, it may fail to work completely. In other circumstances, it is not going to work and there is no such thing like the all purpose raccoon repellent.

To use the fluid, it is important to pour the fluid in the medium item that can soak them using tennis balls or rags. Then these items should be put in different parts of the Los Angeles attic and you can also put some on the exit or entry to the hole of the attic.

The Los Angeles raccoon evection fluid is the solution that it is made using the gland secretion of the male raccoon urines. It is found in the liquid or in the paste form. The idea behind its use is that the female raccoon knows that the male California raccoon is the threat to the baby raccoons. Like other mammals, the males may kill the young ones which are not theirs so that the female may go back into the heat directly. The lions are known to do this and it is the same for other mammals. When the female thinks that there is the male raccoon in the area from the smell in the den area, she will think that it is threatened and it is going to move the babies to go to a safer and new place. However, this is like a gamble since moving the babies to go to a new place, it can expose them to new dangers.

It will be hard for them to survive and the California raccoons are aware of this. The female will have to make a choice and if it has a new place to go to, it will move but if this is not possible, then it will look for alternative way to move. The application of the fluid can work but this does not mean that the success is of 100 percent. When the fluid fails to work, you should think about the raccoon trapping to get the raccoons away. If you cannot do it on your own, you should hire the professional trappers and they will do the correct job especially if you have a complex issue. The raccoon eviction fluid is not a chemical repellant but it elicits the instinctual biological reaction into a female Los Angeles raccoon so that it can flee and this forces it to move its younger ones.

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